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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

Why Wire Mesh Decking?

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1 - Safer more efficient Storage is the most compelling reason for wire decking. Ask the big home Center Retailers why they have wire decking on at minimum, the top levels of their rack .  Wouldn't you think if it were just a cost issue, they would pull out a few extra spare sheets of plywood and deck away. Just whisper the word, worker and customer safety in the same phase as "lawsuit" and see if you don't see the hair on the back of their neck stand up. Safety is a good thing. Yea, it cost a little more, its worth it!
2 - Insurance/Sprinkling:  To many times in the past, a customer has requested wood decking on rack for new construction warehouse project. Our immediate response to this request is, "have you checked to see if your insurance underwriter will charge you more in premiums for the privilege of having wood decking". Check internal to your company (a lot of industrial customers we have, have risk departments that questions like that are best asked), to see if you qualify for additional insurance discounts - many have, and continue to benefit from lower rates vs. combustible solid wood shelves.   

Helpful Tip:  If you currently have wood decking in your facility - and I'm talking about as few as a couple of sections which are visible in your plant (not invisible to a facility insurance inspector), our bet is your already paying a higher insurance premium. The name of the game is
Cost Savings!  The typical pay back on wire decking purchases averaged  18 - 24 months for one customer. But the good news is after the payback period that savings goes to the bottom line. Year after Year. Sounds like you're onto something here.
Buy the wire decking now,  thank us for your job promotion later!

3 -
Ease of installation: It also provides benefits such as Ease of installation - no cutting wood or 2 by 4's or getting plywood. It fast, its easy, just lay it on a beam level and your ready to load.

4 -
Availability of Accessories:  With wire decking you have the opportuinity of adding Kwik Clip dividers and other accessories that compartmentalize shelves very neatly, and suprisingly very cost effectively.

5 - Dust on your shelves:  Notice we didn't put this in bold print, but in some applications it's a consideration.

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