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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

Vertical Storage Racks are ideal for on edge storage of sheet material, plates and panels. The vertical storage rack provides safe, convenient storage for your sheet material. Sheets up to 12' long and 6' wide may be stored allowing high visibility and easy retrieval. Provides maximum storage in minimum floor space and makes inventory control easier. 

Constructed of structural channel and 10 ga. steel sheet, this rack provides a hefty 6500# capacity per bay. Racks are shipped knocked down and assemble easily without special tools. Gray enamel finish.

A connector channel is available to accommodate add-on units.  Simply bolt one end of connector channel to the single hole at the end of the unit in use, then bolt the other end of the connector channel to the add-on unit making one extra bay. Different model numbers may be combined to form larger units-models are completely compatible with any size add-on. For example by use of a connector channel, tow VSR3 units can be combined to provide 7 bays of storage.


Storage Racks


Sheet Material, Plates, and Panels

Model No. No of Bays Width Length Capacity Weight Price
VSR1 1 84" 40" 6500# 257.0 449.97
VSR3 3 84" 80" 19,500# 570.0 969.25
VSR5 5 84" 120" 32,500# 882.0 1,484.71
VSRC Connector Channel 80" - 58.0# 116.45

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