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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

Steel King Guard Rail - Steel Guard
Protect your valuable assets: workers, machinery, rack or any area in which there is potential for damage; with Steel Guard protective railing. Specially engineered for fork truck protection, Steel Guard is a pre-fabricated modular protective railing system that can be expanded and relocated with ease. Mass production and easily installation make Steel Guard a cost effective safety solution.         

On all Steel King Guard Rail Products
Let Us Prepay and Add the Freight and Save Freight $'s

$100.00 Dock fee added for all user selected freight lines
and collect shipments
Model Number Description Wt. Each

 Price Each

DCLYW 42 Center Post, double high 65# 153.35
SCLYW 18 Center Post, single high 40# 113.35
GR04YW Bolted Guard Rail 48 C/C (actual 44) 44# 82.70
GR06YW Bolted Guard Rail 72 C/C (actual 68) 64# 117.35
GR08YW Bolted Guard Rail 96 C/C (actual 92) 84# 140.00
GR10YW Bolted Guard Rail 120 C/C (actual 116) 104# 168.00
GR04LYW Lift-out Guard Rail 48 C/C (actual 44) 54# 120.00
GR06LYW Lift-out Guard Rail 72 C/C (actual 68) 74# 157.35
GR08LYW Lift-out Guard Rail 96 C/C (actual 92) 94# 185.35
GR10LYW Lift-out Guard Rail 120 C/C (actual 116) 114# 213.35

Applications for Steel Guard

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