QuikPik Carton Flow Component Parts

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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

Component Parts

Vertical Frames
1" x 1" post
Tee slots stamped on 1" centers on both sides for attaching shelves using standard hanger brackets; gives " adjustability (hanger brackets invert)
Roll-formed 12 ga steel with smooth round edges for safety
7/16" holes on 3" centers on face of post for attaching sway braces

Square front and layback configuration achieved with the same frame
Common post between adjacent units

Heights from 96" to 336"
Standard height: 96" nominal; 95" actual
Standard depth: 60", 90", 120"
Sway Braces
16 ga formed channel; wider than 84" c/c are 14 ga steel
4" and 7" high
Attach to vertical frame using 3/8" diameter bolts with lock washers and nuts
Placement Front Bottom Front Top Rear Bottom Rear Top Center Top
Models 36-60 4" 7" 4" 4" --
Models 72-96 4" 7" 7" 4" --
Models 120+ 4" 7" 7" 4" 4"
Shelf Frames
12 and 14 ga steel
Notched side rails provide front to back adjustability and solid connection to vertical frame; 16 notches begin 1" from rear edge, providing 15 spaces 1-3/8" apart
Standard design holds 25 lbs per square foot uniformly distributed live load (UDLL)
Crossties are 1" deep and install (or are welded) open-end down to provide lane support and shelf rigidity
Front and rear rails have integral tooth rail for positioning lanes at " intervals

" vertical adjustability in standard vertical frame
Low profile front rail for maximum pick window
Front rail provides 1" high package stop and sloped label surface
No nuts or bolts required to install; shelves slide onto hanger brackets
Recommended shelf pitch is 5 based on 1" of rise per 1' of depth
Inverted cross tie support stays clean; dust and dirt can't accumulate in the channel

Shelf Type
Welded-In Tray
Reverse Knuckle
KD (Knock Down)
22 ga steel
Inverted channel is dirt and debris free
Impact resistant, high density polyethylene blue rollers
Roller are " x ", on 1" centers

Capacity of 50 lbs per lineal foot as per NIOSH recommendations
High roller profile due to a reduced channel crown improves flowability
Typical application uses two pieces RollaTrak and one Guide Rail to create a lane
RollaTrak drops into place in tooth rail at front and rear of shelf; no special tools or hardware required
" adjustability within the shelf frame for fast and easy lane changes

Guidelines for Use:
Plastic clips are recommended at both ends for RollaTrak longer than 10'
Cartons must be supported a maximum distance of 24" on center
Lanes should be established so that RollaTrak is 1-2" from the side rail or Guide Rail. If a third piece of RollaTrak is required, it should be located in the center of the lane
Guide Rail
23 ga roll formed steel
Extends 5/8" above the rollers to separate cartons in adjacent lanes
Shelf side rail acts as the Guide Rail on the outside lanes
Guide Rail installs by simply slipping it over the tooth rail at the front of the shelf, and under the tooth rail at the rear of the shelf (this prevents it from rolling over)
Adjustable in " increments

Multilevel Systems
Live load ratings of 125 to 200 lbs per square foot
Require 3" x 3" post in place of standard QuikPik vertical frames
Meet OSHA, UBC and BOCA requirements

Standard Hanger Bracket
12 ga. galvanized steel
Reversible to give " adjustability on standard vertical frames
3 prongs engage in "T" of tee slot of upright post for extra capacity and secure fit
Capacity up to 600 lbs per bracket
Brackets are included with shelf

Universal Hanger Bracket
Attaches to pallet rack uprights to convert pallet storage to carton flow rack
Works with any pallet rack post that has either round or square holes that are on 2" centers, on the sides of the post, and are 7/16" or larger
Holds bolt welded and KD shelves in place by engaging the notched side rail at the rear; front of the shelf rests in the channel
Left and right-hand brackets provide a level installation
" adjustability achieved by reversing position of bracket to face rear rather than forward

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