The Original Carton Flow Rack Make better use of space with QuikPik. 
Cut walking time and labor costs by 75% and store 100% of the product in half the space!

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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

QuikPik Carton Flow Features
Provides one facing per item instead of an entire bin or pallet location, so employee travel time is dramatically reduced and available space for storage is increased. Separates pickers from stockers which makes supervision simple, increases productivity, improves workflow, minimizes travel time and ensures accurate picking.

Freestanding Units

Freestanding units use our welded vertical frame with 1" channel post with Tee slots for attaching shelves.


Ergonomic Order Picking

Choose either KD or welded shelves
Adjacent units share a common upright to save space and cost
Product remains efficiently organized
Product automatically rotates on a first-in/first-out basis
Compatible with most third party pick-to-light systems
Smooth shelf front rail ideal for pick-to-light hardware or labels

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Standard Sizes

Width (c/c):



36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 66", 72"

36", 48", 60", 90", 96",

96", 120"


Welded Shelf Styles

QuikPik shelves are sturdy and feature a smooth, low profile front rail to offer the maximum pick window available. Shelves install into the rack by simply hanging on our hanger brackets, which are attached to the upright post; no nuts or bolts needed! Our optional impact tray at the rear protects both the shelf and product from damage when storing heavy products. Choose from these four styles:

Straight Shelf
3-3/8" pick window
best for full case picking
most commonly used style

Knuckle Shelf
4-1/8" pick window
12 degree tilt at front of shelf
standard 12" knuckle front available in 3" increments up to 24"
" masonite tray fits inside knuckle area
best for split case picking
ideal for items to be picked from the top of the carton

Welded-In-Tray Shelf
7-1/8" to 8-7/8" pick window
30 degree tilt at front of shelf
standard 12" tray available in 3" increments up to 24"
tray made of 16 ga steel, welded into place
best for split case picking
maximum window for picking items from the top of the carton

Reverse Knuckle Shelf
4" pick window
best for split case picking
ideal for picking items from the front of the carton 
ideal for picking items that stack flat in the box

KD Shelf 
No welded parts
Parts snap together quickly and easily
Ships bundled
Build around columns and other obstructions
Ideal for retrofitting pallet rack to a live carton flow system

1. Snap on end rails... 2. drop in crossties... 3. Add RollaTrak and Guide Rails

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