Protective Rack Backing - Nylon Mesh Netting

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Nylon Mesh Netting - Protective Rack Backing
Protect personnel walkways and traffic aisles from falling objects with nylon mesh netting. Its cost effective, and simple to install.  Allow your workers to move about freely around loads on single backed racks without fear of injury.

100% nylon guards are engineered to survive most environments. The mesh is washable, can be steam-cleaned, and has been accepted by the FDA in many sanitary applications, including freezer and food packing facilities. Rack Guards come complete with galvanized hardware to be flush-mounted or offset mounted. Extensions are available for both systems, when protection of items stored on the top load beam is required. In addition to protection for storage racks, Mesh Net Guard systems also are available for storage partitions, storage security, shelf backing, and mezzanine guards.

Netting Guards have been tested under extreme usage and dynamic impact loading conditions, and all Netting Guards meet OSHA requirements. They are available in various mesh configurations, and are rated for loads from 1,250 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.

Rack Guarding

Induvidual sets of bays

Items needed for netting estimating:

- Number of Bays of Rack
- Bay Centerlines of Rack
- Area to be covered with netting behind rack
- Weight of individual pallets
- Smallest object on pallet/weight
- Type of Rack

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