Lightweight Cantilever Rack - MiniTree Cantilever 
Ideal cantilever rack for storing conduit, plastic pipe, aluminum extrusions and much more

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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

MiniTree cantilever rack stores items neatly and creates greater organization 
for maintenance shops and work areas. Create more floor space and actually find your inventory
neatly stored in one area.

 ** Pricing subject to change, call to confirm best pricing.

Mini Tree Cantilever Rack

    *  250 lb. capacity per arm
1750 lb. capacity for single column not   
         including base (3500 lb. capacity for double 
Single column takes 18 1/4 inch of floor  
        (Double column takes 36 inches)
Overall height of 76 3/16 inches
    *  Overall width of 36 inches
    *  Up to 7 pairs of adjustable arms per side (28  
         total arms for double column)


Single Sided Units

Single Sided Unit

Side Profile of Single Sided Unit

Single Sided Unit Specifications:

Overall Height: 76-3/16"
Overall Width: 36"
No. of arms: 14
Usable arm length: 12"
Capacity: 1750 lbs.
  (not including base)

Complete Unit:
Single Sided Column Unit
2 Single columns/base
1-3 foot brace set
14 Single arms/lip.
Shipping Wt. 165 lbs.
Part  # MT 251CS36............$ 543.07/ea

Double Sided Units

Double Sided Unit

Double Sided Unit Profile

Double Sided Unit Specifications:

Double Column

Overall Height: 76-3/16"
Overall Width: 36"
No. of arms: 14
Usable arm length: 12"
Capacity: 3500 lbs.
  (not including base)

Complete Unit
Double Side Column Unit
2 Double columns/base
1-3 foot brace set
14 Double arms/lip.
Shipping Wt. 215 lbs.
Part  # MT 251CD36...........$  767.07/ea
Description Shipping Wt. Part Number Price ea $
Single Column And Base 41 lbs.  MT 251CS 76.39
Double Column And Base 46 lbs.  MT 251CD 92.55
Single Arm With Lip 3.7 lbs. MT 251AS12 24.62
Double Arm With Lip 6.6 lbs.  MT 251AD12 38.21
36" long Column Brace Set 31  lbs.  MT 251236 80.36

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