Cantilever Rack
Preconfigured Cantilever Rack Units

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Storage Systems for General warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications 
from grocery dry goods and cold storage to public warehousing and distribution.

MECO OMAHA has assembled the most popular Standard Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Cantilever components to create Starter and Add-On units—take the guesswork out of selecting a rack system! Order a single or double sided starter unit consisting of 2 uprights, straight arms and braces to assemble a single bay storage unit. Create a continuous rack system with add-on units which include 1 upright, straight arms and the appropriate brace set. Choose Standard Heavy Duty models in upright heights of 8', 10' or 12'. Medium Duty models are available in 6', 8' and 10' heights and easily handle lighter capacity requirements.

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